Covid-19 Reopening Plan
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Covid-19 Reopening Plan

Dear FCA families,


I trust you are well and expectant of what the Lord will do in this new season.  As His children, we can always expect that He will use all things for our good and that in times of trial, He leads us to growth in the image of His Son.  I want to reassure you that we are seeking divine wisdom when it comes to preparing for this new academic year.  We are adhering to CDC and NYS DOH guidelines within our plans.


Educational Models


Model 1- FCA Restricted Cohorts

In the FCA Restricted Cohorts Model, we have limited the cohort sizes to accommodate social distancing to 6’ apart between desks.  Cohort sizes vary between 7 to 15 students in size.  Students will remain within their cohorts all day, thus limiting their exposure to students outside their cohorts.  Students will meet daily.


Model 2- Remote Model

This model is 100% online learning with a combination of online live instruction and instruction without the live component (pre-recorded videos or assignments). This model will be available to families whom do not wish to send their children to school as well as be implemented temporarily should a cohort be asked to quarantine or should the state mandate the closing of the school due to a further outbreak.



Freeport Christian Academy exists to provide a higher standard of education encompassed with moral values, Christian ethics of God’s kingdom, and an emphasis on the arts that will bear a generation of world changers and history makers much needed in this nation.



Our vision at Freeport Christian Academy is to train and empower a superior generation to impact their world using their God-given talents and abilities in service to the Lord and to others.

Core Values

  • Christ Centered
  • Bible Based
  • Academic Excellence
  • Church Connected
  • Servant Leadership
  • Family Involvement


Key Factors considered for Reopening:

  • The health and safety of our students and staff
  • The academic and spiritual growth of our students
  • Working with our families and government officials



  • Written: Staff, students and parents will be notified of our plan and ongoing updates to our plan via email and website. Additional means of written communication may include memos distributed in the classrooms. Elementary classroom teachers will communicate via Class Dojo App. Middle School and High School will communicate via the Remind App.


  • Verbal: Instructions for hygienic behavior will be communicated prior to school opening and regularly reviewed after school opening through a variety of settings which will include but may not be limited to New Parent Orientation, during staff training the day before opening, at the beginning of each day during devotions and at the end of each day during dismissal.


Signage: Posters with wording and images will be composed and placed in relevant areas and will contain instructions and reminders for proper hygiene practices.




  • Outside visitors to the school buildings will be limited.
  • If visitors must enter the building their temperature will be checked and a mask must be worn. Temperatures of 100.0 or higher will not be granted access into the building.
  • Visitor logs will be kept noting name, date and time of visit.



Social distancing will be enforced in all school buildings in compliance with CDC and DOH guidelines, including distancing guidelines and the use of face coverings.

  • Students will remain stationed within their classrooms on a daily basis.
  • Dismissal/arrival will occur at different locations to reduce the amount of close contact between students.
  • Students will wear masks when entering the building and throughout the day. Students will be given masks breaks. Mask breaks will be given throughout the day under the guideline that students are seated 6’ apart within their cohorts.  Students may also request a mask break as needed.
  • Student desks will be arranged within the classroom meeting guidelines of 6’ apart.
  • Social distancing markers will be placed in necessary areas such as hallways and entrances.


Hand Hygiene

  • Hand washing, in addition to washing before meals and after recess and PE, will be schedule throughout the day for students
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all entrances, as well as in each classroom


Hallways & Restrooms: All will wear facemasks during travel within the building and when entering rooms shared by multiple cohorts such as restrooms. Restrooms will be limited to two individuals at any given time. All will be instructed to travel similar to traffic rules, walking to the right and carefully taking turns through intersections, keeping in mind reasonable distance and avoiding contact.


Hygiene and Cleaning



  • Custodial Staff: Custodians will have an itemized list of cleaning responsibilities that will be applied daily. This list and a log to record the cleaning’s date, time and material used will be kept in the school’s central office. Custodians will be notified immediately of any special attention needed in cases involving suspected COVID-19 exposure.


  • Common Objects: Doorknobs, restroom fixtures, photocopy buttons, student desks, and shared computer keyboards will receive particular attention throughout each day. Sanitizing these will be among the custodians’ first duties and will be occasionally tended to throughout each day by various staff.


Ventilation: Staff will be encouraged to keep windows open whenever possible and to provide instruction outside the facilities whenever weather and lessons accommodate, maintaining proper distancing from other cohorts.


  • Instruction & Signage: Written instruction to staff and students will be disseminated prior to opening via email and website. Verbal instruction will be reviewed at New Parent Orientation prior to school opening, Back-to-School Night shortly after opening, during staff training the day before opening, during student orientation on the day of opening, and at the end of each day during dismissal. Training will continue throughout the day by the teachers to their assigned students. Signage will include reminders and instructions pertaining to social distancing, facial covering, and hand sanitizing, and will be located at relevant locations inside and outside the facilities, classrooms and restrooms.


  • Hygiene Standards: Hand sanitizers will be required to contain a minimum of 60% alcohol, and all will be encouraged to utilize where proper handwashing is not feasible. Proper handwashing will be defined as employing water, soap and paper towels, with the use of the paper towel to handle restroom fixtures and doorknobs before dispensing with in proper waste receptacles.



Daily Cleaning

  • Each building will be disinfected daily with added frequency to high contact areas
  • Each custodian will maintain a daily log
  • All cleaning materials are compliant with SED and CDC recommendations
  • Elementary and Secondary Bathrooms will be cleaned three times a day
  • Nurses Offices will be cleaned three times a day and as needed
  • Classrooms will be cleaned on a regular schedule and /or as needed. Scheduled classroom disinfection will take place when students are not present


Vendor/ Supplies and Deliveries

Relevant individuals will be reminded via phone, email, internet and posted signage of required behavior. Visitors who require entering the building due to weather requirements or to purpose of visit will apply face coverings prior to entering facilities and proceed directly to the central school office. Deliveries, weather permitting, will be placed outside the school’s main entrance on the porch. If weather does not permit, deliveries may be placed immediately inside the school’s main entrance. Deliveries which require authorization by FCA or FBC staff will be signed at the same locations and should be arranged prior to arrival.


  • All food vendors are required to follow state protocol for the handling of food.
  • Temperature checks will be conducted if entrance in the building is required.



Transportation is provided by your local district. Please check with your local district to ensure what guidelines are being enforced.  FCA requires students and staff to apply facemasks while traveling on in any communally shared vehicle (bus, taxi, etc.) and will remain covered during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal exercises, unless distancing can be achieved.


Detection, Response & Reporting


  • Taking Temperatures: Students and staff will be required to pass through a thermal imaging screening instrument in order to access the building.


  • Symptomatic Reporting: Any student or staff member reporting symptoms characteristic of COVID-19 will be sent directly to the nurse’s office for examination, while still following proper distancing and facial covering throughout the process. Principal will be notified immediately. Any potentially infected individual will be isolated in a location under adult FCA personnel supervision until they can safely leave the facility.


Parental Notification: The parent of any child suspected of possibly having COVID-19 will be immediately notified by office personnel and required to arrange the child’s retrieval and authorized assessment. Authorization by a licensed physician must be submitted to the school prior to child’s return. Upon notification of school that a child has been infected with COVID-19, school officials will take required measures to inform relevant parties and to notify local health officials. The child will then be supplied with necessary accommodations to continue learning during quarantine period. In addition, we request that if any family member residing with a student tests positive for Covid-19, the family of the student must report this to the school.


  • Staff: Any staff member potentially infected with COVID-19 must notify the school’s central office immediately upon experiencing symptoms or learning of infection. Member will then be required to provide authorized documentation from a certified physician of health status before returning to school or entering quarantine period. If quarantined, member must provide authorized documentation from a certified physician to return to school.


  • Reporting: All staff and families must notify the school’s office upon learning of COVID-19 infection. Reports will be kept confidential. Others who may have been exposed will be notified, encouraged to be assessed by a physician, and will have potentially exposed locations in building sanitized by custodial staff. Upon the confirmation that any staff or student has tested positive for COVID-19, the school nurse will notify appropriate state and local health officials.