Freeport Christian Academy | Freeport Academy of Performance & Fine Arts
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Freeport Academy of Performance & Fine Arts

The School also features an after school Performing Arts Academy where students receive homework help, musical lesson in various instruments and enjoy activities such as Zumba dance classes.
Home Work Assistance

Students are guided and encouraged to understand their homework. They are also given a comfortable environment to ask any question they may have. We also help in preparing them for any upcoming exams and reinforce the importance of reading. As well as, helping them in developing organizational skills.

Music Classes

Students are instructed in music theory, music reading and keyboard. They have the opportunity to practice their keyboard skills every day.

Diverse group of children taking a zumba dance fitness class
Dance Classes

Our students enjoy the process of learning to dance Zumba, Hip-Hop and other forms of dance. We instill in our students that dance doesn’t have to be simply just about moving rhythmically to music, but it can also be a way to worship and impact others’ lives.